1. Partner Reading

Title:The Aurora county ALL-STARS

Characters:MR.norwood,Miss .berty,house,


Important Events:


poeblisible projects:

Character Bookmark:

Create a bookmark featuring either your favorite character or the character you consider to be most significant in your book. Be sure to include the book title and author as well as the character's name and "portrait" or illustration. On the back of the bookmark, describe your character and explain why he or she is important in your book and how you feel about this character.

Setting Brochure:

A setting pamphlet is just one of many possibilities for an extension project using a pamphlet or brochure format. Students select four or five key settings for significant events in the book or places that had major impacts on the characters' development. Each panel of the pamphlet can represent a different setting with an illustration and short written explanation of how that setting influenced the story or affected the characters' lives.

ABC Book:

Create an alphabet book that focuses on key events, characters, ideas, and information from your book. Include an illustration on each page as well as one to two sentences explaining each letter of the alphabet. Pictures can be hand illustrated, copied or printed. Please give credit to the photograph if it is not yours.


Using magazine photos, create a collage of images that symbolize important ideas, events, or themes in your book. On a separate sheet of paper, explain what each image symbolizes and how it draws on key material from the character's experience.


A map makes a good extension project when a character's journey (physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual) is a central component of a book. Your map should highlight; places, events, emotions, and key facts from the story you have read.


A jackdaw is a bird that scavenges material to build its nest. Collect artifacts representing ideas, events, characters, and/or themes in your book. Prepare a display of these items. Label each artifact and briefly write about its importance to the book. You may also want to include a quote from your book for each of the artifacts.